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Anna Hazare – Two Viewpoints

28 Aug

This is a translation of a blog post from Tamil writer Jeyamohan’s blog.

Translation from: http://www.jeyamohan.in/?p=20266


I am receiving two particular categories of letters in response to my opinions about Anna Hazare’s movement. I do not wish to dump several letters on the website and waste pages.

One viewpoint – Cho’s supporters. For an example of this common voice:
Mr. Jeyamohan,

I believe your opinion about Cho’s stand on Anna Hazare is written in haste. You write what ought to happen through Anna Hazare’s movement. Cho writes what will happen, i.e. nothing.

This is politics. I believe Cho’s opinion will last in the end. Everyone has voiced their opinion over this including Namitha. Though your opinions are clear about this, in the end it appears that there will be disappointment for all of us.

Anand Sundaram.
This letter.

Most of Cho supporters say that ‘He sees the reality, thats all. He doesn’t oppose it’. It’s merely their wish, not the truth.

When this movement was at its height, Cho appeared on TV to vehemently denounce Anna Hazare with all the abuse that Arundhati Roy heaped on Anna Hazare in a bitter and malicious tone. He says that this is a minor matter and no support exists for Anna Hazare in the country. He said that the Centre shouldn’t bow down to him and that Anna Hazare is a false image created by the media.

As I have earlier said, this is the BJP’s voice. There are two voices in the Hindutva front. One, that of its workers. Thats the RSS voice. The second is the voice of the corporate centers which have captured and control its leadership. Cho echoes the voice of these corporate owners. Its his chagrin that it has been defeated within the BJP through Modi and Yashwant Sinha.

The crux of another category of letters questions what is the place of dalits in this.  It’s an obvious truth that all ombudsman organizations outside of the Parliament are a support for the lower castes. Like the National Human Rights Commission.

Even if the Lokpal becomes like the Election Commission, it will be favorable for the lower castes. It’s a reality that in the past 20 years, only after the Election Commission started acting with real authority that Dalits have been able to form a political authority of their own.  Especially in the northern states.

People are suddenly worried about the supremacy of the Parliament and the sanctity of the constitution. But if the Election Commission were not to behave independently and adamantly, the dalit political sphere in UP and Bihar will disappear in a single election.  This is the real face of Parliamentary politics.

Dalits can make the Lokpal as a body to achieve their rights and demands. That’s the reason why Mayawati is thinking.

This news was comforting:

“Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK) chief, Thol. Thirumavalavan went 
to the Ramlila Maidan on 26.08.2011 at 8 pm at night to meet Anna 
Hazare in person who has been on a Satyagraha fast at the Ramlila 
Maidan at New Delhi, to request him to give up his fast and to 
continue his movement through other means. 

He was welcomed by Arvind Kejriwal, a member of Team Anna. They 
conversed for over 15 minutes. Anna was extremely tired and was 
resting. Hence a bouquet of flowers and the request to give up the 
fast were placed before Arvind Kejriwal with the request to convey 
them to Anna Hazare so as not to disturb him.” 

Thirumavalavan who has understood contemporary history in the right
sense deserves credit.  Others corrupt persons in authority from the depressed classes like Ramdoss and Mulayam Singh Yadav too understand the real implications. That’s the reason they oppose this.