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Where is Indian Science?

7 Sep

This is a translation of a blog post from Tamil writer Jeyamohan’s blog.

Translation from: http://www.jeyamohan.in/?p=19636


About fields like Indian medicine, only experts from those fields should comment. As far as I know, at a time in history Indian medicinal systems like Ayurveda were several times more advanced than other medicinal systems in the world . It is an achievement of mankind that several thousand natural medicinal plants, their nature and effects were understood and described thus. I have seen a translated work of about plants in Kerala named ‘Kavanakowmudhi’.  Around 3000 pages. It is a cultural treasure. 

Indian knowledge suffered a stagnation during the 16 and 17th centuries in almost all fields. After two hundred years, during the Indian Renaissance these were rediscovered with enthusiasm.  All the works of art and science that we read today were discovered in this period and brought to the printed form. 

But the mindset of the Indian Renaissance flagged after Independence. The Nehruvian era started – he worshipped Europe and saw no value in Indian tradition. His advisors like Mahalanobis and P. N. Huxar considered European worship and rejection of India as modern thought. They designed the education policy of independent India. And European science and philosophy alone were featured in it. 

Nowhere in India today in the field of education is Indian thought and Indian science taught. They are branded as related to ‘Hindu religion’ and kept aside. The education field has been branding them as regressive for the past sixty years. The Leftists who gained prominence during the Nehruvian era in the fields of education and science are still propagating these thoughts. Our education has become merely translated knowledge.

As a result there came a directly opposite trend. Mere talk along the likes of ‘There is nothing that we didn’t have’, without any analytical basis.  And inane research to substantiate these. Stupidities like finding a 2,50,000 year old Sethu bridge in a NASA photograph and recovering the skeleton of Bheema. Far fetched news that African languages are all Tamil. 

Indian science cannot be ‘created’ just like this. It will not happen through individual efforts alone. It has suffered a setback of three centuries. To revive it, repair its setbacks and to adapt it to the modern age is a massive joint endeavor. Only if the Government makes it happen as a large scale step towards knowledge will this revival take place. 

But today the entire intelligentsia is against this mindset. The belief that learning about Europe and America alone is enough is deep rooted in our education system, intellectual fields and in our journalism. The offspring of the servants of British rulers continue to keep this slavish mindset in the mainstream of independent India. 

Hence the truth is that during the past half century, there has been no comprehensive research in to Indian thought and Indian sciences. There have been research conducted here and there through individuals. But Indian wisdom and Indian sciences did not spring to life after Independence as expected. Hence till date India remains a non-contributor to the world except in creating and selling workers. 

I have always had regard for Nehru. But my mind grades him as a well intentioned simpleton.  He had a simple mind that could be carried away by the thought currents of his time. In a way, his contribution to Indian traditions is a great stagnation.