In this Movement… (Anna Hazare)

28 Aug

One of my self imposed rules is not to speak about contemporary politics. The first instance when it was broken was Anna Hazare’s movement. It happened involuntarily. In the beginning itself, it struck me as a turning point in history. I wrote back when I heard too much of blanket disdain and empty arguments. It has continued as a serial activity till today. My thought that one ought not immediately comment has been strengthened.

There are about 450 people in my group. Those who usually write mails have been writing a lot there itself. Its one group in Tamilnadu which is most active in discussions. Beyond that, the number of mails I receive usually is just half of what I used to get. But once I started writing about this movement, my inbox started overflowing. After a long time, I had to spend nights and days replying to mails.

The reason is that I am the only writer who is easily reachable on the internet and who replies to mails. When an event is happening, emotions and irresoluteness are at their peak. Everywhere everyone is discusses this alone. They want to speak with the same gusto to their favourite writer. But no writer can debate with several thousand persons. If he starts, that will grow and exhaust his energy. There are over 1500 mails unreplied emails in my inbox. I apologise to those who sent them. My task for the next few days is to finish replying to them.

I think I would have written around 60 articles on Anna Hazare’s movement over these few days. My website itself has become a platform for Anna Hazare. As its content and the visitors grew, it slowed down and we had to search for a new server. The site went down for a day. If the replies had been published too, around five to six times more capacity would have been required. Nothing else could find its place.

This constaint happened to me because of those who debated with me. I couldn’t reject them since the queries were genuine. There was also a need for those articles in the Tamil context. The only platform that provided elaborate explanations continuously was mine. But nothing else except this could be done. This is the danger of involving oneself in internet debates over immediate and contemporary politics. If it had been after the event, it can be dealt with clarity in a maximum of two articles after compiling all these pages. Hence, I am not going to debate contemporary politics immediately.

Its satisfying to see my friends involve in these discussions intensely. The English translation of my articles on Anna Hazare are appearing in the website . The website created for articles on Anna Hazare, has come out as an internet magazine . Its objective is to collate information about Gandhi and Gandhian movements at one place. Friends can help by translating.

An anthology of these articles on Anna Hazare is going to be published through Kizhakku Publications. ‘Anna Hazare: Oozhalukku Ethiraana Gandhiya Porattam’ – ‘Anna Hazare: The Gandhian Movement against Corruption’.

I am content that I have participated atleast in a small part. Thats enough for now.


Gandhism Today: Articles on Gandhi
Sabarmati : English Translations


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