Congress and Anna Hazare

28 Aug

This is a translation of a blog post from Tamil writer Jeyamohan’s blog.

Translated by:  Sathya Srinivasan

Translation from:


What do you think about the manner in which Congress deals with Anna Hazare? Aren’t they acting democratically? Do you not appreciate that?



Dear Saminathan,

Today’s news that I just saw a while ago. The Congress government has brought together religious minorities to oppose Anna Hazare’s struggle.

All of these are people who had earlier spoken in support of Anna. They are making a U-turn quite abruptly. Rather, they are made to. They allege Anna Hazare’s struggle is one of the upper castes. Congress is promoting a few Dalit leaders who they say will fight against Anna Hazare.

Where do matters of religion and caste arise in Anna Hazare’s struggle? If Lokpal becomes a reality is it not for everyone?

This is not democracy. This is a divisive act. The British government did exactly the same thing. We are experiencing its effects till today.

Gandhian movements have always been massive people’s movements that encompassed all people. The British government countered it in many ways.

Firstly, with the help of the intellectuals who were on its side it constantly spread a fervent propaganda that Gandhi’s movement “spreads anarchy“ and is “practically useless”.

Secondly, it continuously bought over individuals from within the Congress party. It made them malign Gandhi – like in the case of Surendranath Banerjee.

Finally, when it realised all these methods did not work, it branded Gandhi as a representative of the upper castes. With the ‘democratic view’ that ‘everyone needs representation’ it discovered leaders from Muslims and Sikhs and they were promoted against Gandhi. They unearthed leaders from Dalits and backward castes.

Several among them were brought into politics by the British during the first Non-Cooperation movement. Only when the British gave them a place in the round-table conference were they introduced to the people from their own religions and castes. Even today the blood spilled as a result of this divisive politics has not dried.

Congress has always done this. When there was a democratic war for the Punjab problem, they created Bhindranwale. When there was a students’ uprising in Assam, they encouraged terrorism against the Assamese in Manipur.

Congress never understood what democracy is after Indira.


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