Anna Hazare And Us

21 Aug

This is a translation  of a blog post from Tamil writer Jeyamohan’s blog.  This was in response to a letter from a reader.

Translation from:

(Note: Sections of the post.  Not in its entirety.)



I have been reading your blog recently.  Your recent letter on Anna Hazare was a shocker.  For me.  Even after thinking for several days, I couldn’t support Anna’s movement completely.  Our forefathers told us to think twice about anything and we take it too seriously to think a million times about anything. Thoughts without actions.  Armchair / tea shop critics – I think we have the most of these in the entire country.  I am a changed person now.  While I discuss the questions I have had,  I will attempt to participate atleast a bit in this movement.

To the question – I have no questions about Anna’s integrity.  Because the Govt. has searched so long for a stain and even they have given up.  He is clean.  I have no other crooked questions.  This protest against the Government is essential.  I too desire some corrupt people to go burn in hell.  Even so, why did I keep on thinking?  Guilt.  I live in Bangalore.  Its impossible for me to even for one day follow all the traffic rules.  Honestly.  And then tax.

The only reason I pay tax correctly is because the company deducts it.  Would I have paid tax correctly, had I been doing business?  The answer is most likely no.  Most people I happen to know are likewise.  With all these faults, I cannot pretend.  I have thought a million times, more thoughts remain.  Those who participate in these protests if they take an oath to be a right citizen and to question every small corruption that they see and implement it – two things will happen. 1) moral right to question will arise 2) society will rectify itself.

This movement, if it reaches a happy ending like Shankar’s movies, it will be wonderful.



Dear Friend,

The reason why I write in an intense language is not because of anger.  Its a commentary on those who do not look within themselves for even a second but consistently keep raising such arguments.

Firstly – the doubts about Anna Hazare’s integrity.  Can such questions arise if those who raise such questions look at themselves?  A man in public life for over 30 years; gained international fame and still lives in a lower middle class background.  His family does so likewise.  His integrity is evident from his coming on to a public stage and saying ‘I charge these people with corruption’. It’s not possible to say this with while hiding something fishy.

He has fought corruption in his state for over fifteen years.  Has sent many ministers packing to their homes.  Had he been wrong somewhere, the administrators and officials would have made laughing stock out of him by now. To find a stain on him, the Govt. has spent day and night and come up with a charge that maybe two lakhs were spent on a function in his name and appointed a commission to investigate.  That too is spoken of by the media as if it were something equivalent to a commission investigating the 2G spectrum scam.

To debate this ‘corruption’ we have our magazines and political agents who live out of five star hotel receptions.  Without a bit of rational thought, our people start speaking the same.  The reason is our own dishonesty. We believe dishonest people more easily.  And refuse to belive that somebody can be entirely honest.

Secondly – those who depict him as some kind of a simpleton.  These people are the well educated ones.  I heard one person saying on TV that Anna doesn’t possess intelligence because Anna reads only Hindi.  What a shame! In India its easy to write and speak a thousand pages.  Try doing a single thing and you will see. No intellectual is ever bigger than a man of action.  We easily side with those speech-specialists who deride Anna because we believe ourselves incapable of doing anything except speaking.

Will all this ever happen?

Whats the point of doing all this?

This could have done differently…

There is only one reason why we keep speaking like this. To hide our own inaction and helplessness from ourselves.

Why are we so sure that the problem with this movement lies in Anna Hazare? Why cannot we look within ourselves? Why do we think like this and why do we passionately question Anna? Why do such questions and bitterness happen within us naturally when we look at this movement?

Most of us are ‘thinkers’.  And the rest of us deride.  Thats the issue.



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